Sports classes for KIDS. Ages 1.5-12.

Meet Coach Anna

Name Anna Burd
Hometown Ewing, NJ
What was your favorite sport (as a kid)? Field hockey
Who is your favorite superhero? Wonder Woman, of course... Is there anyone better?!
What is your favorite movie about sports? "Remember the Titans"... So unbelievably inspirational!

What is your favorite sports quote? Teamwork makes a dream work!!

What one word describes you? Oh man, what word doesn't describe me?? Fun, personable, unique, excitable... The list goes on and on. :)
What do you like about coaching? I love seeing the skill level and confidence of each athlete progress over the season.

Do you think playing sports helps make you a better person? Absolutely! It helps in almost every aspect of life... Sports help you learn communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, building trust, proper sportsmanship behavior, and so much more!

Did you ever feel nervous before a game? Yes, I used to feel nervous before a game! I played goalie and defense in a lot of sports growing up so I felt a lot of pressure to defend the goal properly. However, after my first touch on the ball, the nerves went away and I was able to concentrate fully!

What age were you when you started your sport? I started playing sports when I was 5. It was primarily soccer in the beginning but then I branched out and did dance, gymnastics, bowling, horseback riding, field hockey, and lacrosse.
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